Leadership in Action: Calvary Assembly, Cambridge, ON

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A friend said to me this week, “There’s too much leadership talk. Leadership needs to result in action.”

I couldn’t agree more. And for a great example of this, visit Calvary Assembly in Cambridge, Ontario.

When I walked through the doors of the newly renovated facility at last week, it wasn’t the beautiful new lobby that made the strongest impression on me. It wasn’t the re-vamped worship centre that struck me. It wasn’t even the world-class children’s ministry space that left my jaw hanging open.

It was seeing leadership in action.

Here in bricks and mortar, was living proof that when a God-given vision drives a ministry truly remarkable things can happen. I had long known Calvary Assembly as a place that was committed to impacting their community for Christ. In their new facility I saw this focus come to life:

  • They didn’t just talk about valuing community. They built it in to the essence of their space, from the Starbucks-rivaling coffee bar, to the conversation nooks throughout the facility.
  • They didn’t just talk about valuing children. They created a Disney-inspired wing where every child, and parent, will know that children matter.
  • They didn’t just talk about impacting their community. They created an indoor play-space for children, where parents can drop in, watch their children play, and enjoy coffee and conversation.

I came away from my visit inspired and challenged. The challenge was to look at my own leadership and ask, “How much is just talk, and how much results in action?”

How would you assess your own leadership on the talk versus action scale?

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