Hybels Summit Talk Rocks South America

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Today’s guest post comes from Gary Schwammlein, the Willow Creek Association’s international executive vice-president. From his front-row seat, Gary passes on reports being received from Global Leadership Summit sites around the world. Today’s report comes from Argentina.

Read, and be encouraged.

There were many key pastors from Buenos Aires city but there was this person, the Intendente (Mayor) of Adrogué County, where the host church is located, Hybels whiteboardhe was invited to be for the first session he agreed to go and for that session only, so he did.

But what was really odd was that on the first break right after the first session of Bill Hybels, pastor Lorenzo (senior pastor of the hosting church for the GLS) found the mayor in the men´s restroom crying…he didn´t say anything, he was just there crying.

Needless to say, he stayed for the rest of the day! Not only that but on the second day of the GLS when Bill had the 5th (live) session, we spotted that same mayor in the first row, with his wife and daughter plus 2 more officials from the city hall!!

How did Hybels’ Summit talk impact you?

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