What I’ve Learned Spending a Week with 10 Younger Church Leaders

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Ever had one of those great plans that God ended up using to do something completely unexpected?

I’ve had one of those this week, and the impact could stay with me a long time.

PTPWe just completed a week of mentoring with a group of Canadian pastors under 40 years of age, in which we traveled to Willow Creek in Chicago, where we joined with pastors from around the world for five days of ministry coaching. I designed this week to intentionally build relationship with some leaders who were a bit younger, and then to provide them with a high-impact ministry experience.

What I didn’t expect was how God would use these young leaders to so impact me.

Specifically, I’ve been impacted in three ways:

  • I’ve been impacted by their desire to grow.

These leaders have been sponges, critical thinkers to be sure, but clearly hungry to grow and develop in their leadership.

  • I’ve been impacted by their ability to forge meaningful relationships.

From the moment we picked them up at the airport these leaders began to build relationships with each other. Most had never met, but they began to quickly pour themselves into the lives of each other, their billet hosts, and the other leaders gathered from around the world.

  • I’ve been impacted by their love for the local church.

Seeing the immense passion these leaders have for the churches they lead has made my optimism for the future of the church in Canada even stronger.

Ultimately, my greatest take-away has been a renewed resolve to do everything possible to continue investing in the leadership of Canada’s up-and-coming leaders.

Not only for what this might mean for these leaders, but also for what this could mean for me.

How have you been impacted as you’ve invested in younger leaders?

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Scott Cochrane


  1. Scott, I totally agree with your report; I have met some amazing young leaders in the business sector as well. They have a passion that goes beyond themselves to the world around them–they are committed to making their mark on the world and to impact a change that will leave a positive legacy for generations to come. We are handing leadership over to a very competent group of individuals–and we also get to work beside them and learn from them!

  2. Roberta, isn’t it amazing how the occasional injection of youthful energy can revitalize us? I like what you have to say about young leaders’ desire to make a mark on the world. There’s something inspiring about that.

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