Surrey Biker Church Welcomes All Patches

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Earlier this week I posted an article that covered the rapid closures of churches across Canada, but in particular in the Atlantic provinces. I posted the story not to raise a white flag, signifying the inevitable demise of the Canadian church. Rather, I wanted each of us to increase our resolve to see Canada’s churches become more healthy and robust than ever.

biker churchI needed to wait just a day for the Canadian media to provide a surprising dose of inspiration.

Checking out Vancouver’s Province newspaper online I read that the spirit of innovation that is truly spreading across the country had appeared in a most distinctive way.

Check out this new expression of “church”, and be inspired.

Surrey Biker Church Welcomes All Patches

By Tom Zillich, Surrey Now

“We are definitely not a club, we are a church that welcomes all patches,” church founder Chuck Pearce said. “We have to be sensitive to all that, because in the biker community, when you wear a patch it has huge significance, just like membership does. We are all about being a family, being a brotherhood, and that’s what bikers look for. They want to be accepted.”

Read the full article by clicking here.

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