The Immigration Reality: How is Your Church Responding?

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World Vision The Responding Church Leaders Forum - Spring 2011

In his recent book, Beyond the Gods & Back, Canadian researcher Reg Bibby uncovers a fascinating link between immigration patterns and the future of the local church in our country.

Church leaders with a vision to see their communities impacted for Christ would do well to learn all they can about how immigration is impacting our communities, and how churches can respond to these new opportunities.

One opportunity to learn about this can be found through a series of forums being presented by our partners at World Vision Canada. These forums are called ‘Beyond The Welcome, How Canadian Churches are Responding to Canada’s Immigrant Reality‘.

Each forum will feature results from a recent study conducted by World Vision, The Tyndale Intercultural Ministries Centre and the Centre for Community Based Research gathered information and insights from over 300 church leaders, including new immigrants, from across Canada.

Three important questions will be addressed:

  • How do recent immigrants experience church in Canada?
  • How well have Canadian churches responded to new immigrants?
  • What can churches do to be more welcoming and inclusive of newcomers?

The forums are being conducted in seven Canadian cities between March 29 and April 27.

You can find more information and register on the World Vision Canada website.

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