3 Ways to Turbo-Charge Your Lead Team Performance

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Be honest.

When you think of what it takes to move your church or organization surging ahead, how much stock to place in the performance of your lead team?

The reality is that your lead team’s performance at your regular meetings can have a tremendous impact on how your church or organization achieves its goals.

If you’re not convinced that your lead team is operating at its full potential here are three steps you can take immediately to improve performance.

1.   Make sure each person is there to lead the church, not their department.

Many lead teams are comprised of the department heads of each ministry. Nothing wrong with that.

The problem can arise, however, when these people carry their department label and loyalties into the lead team meetings. When this happens you have less of a lead team and more of a gathering of self-interested union reps.

Make it clear that their department loyalties remain at the door. Around the lead team table they are expected to lead the church, not just their department.

2.   Make sure each decision has a person’s name next to it.

As I’ve talked about in a previous post, it isn’t good enough to simply have the entire lead team make a group decision.

In order to ensure execution and follow through there must be a person’s name next to the decision. One person must take on the responsibility for the implementation of the decision.

Until that person is identified that “team decision” will be unlikely to gain traction.

3.   Make sure the team presents a unified face after the meeting

On a healthy lead team there will be vigorous debate on key decisions. Once the decision is made you won’t necessarily have each lead team member enthusiastically embracing the call.

But once the decision is made and the meeting is over each lead team member must project support for the call.

Your lead meetings have the potential to be instrumental in seeing your church or organization achieve its goals. But for that to happen you must provide these regular tune-ups for the team.

It can be hard work keeping your team operating at full capacity.

But the payoff in performance can make it all worth it.

How do you maximize your lead team’s performance?



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