Top 3 Ways Your Church Casts Vision Behind Your Back

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When do you cast vision in your church?

The weekend after New Years? Right after Labor Day?

The truth is, your church is casting vision all the time, every week. And sometimes it’s been done behind your back, if not right under your nose.

If all the visions being cast are in alignment with the vision you are casting it results in tremendous momentum. But if the other visions being cast are out of synch it will feel like your church is stuck spinning its wheels.

Where are these other visions being cast? Again, they’re everywhere, but here are the top 3 ways vision is cast in your church every week:

1.   The messages being sent by your facility

I recently visited a church where signs were plastered on each wall which seemed to scold me everywhere I turned. “Don’t touch this piano; it’s not a toy!” “Put the hymnbooks back where you found them!”

Any vision the pastor might have cast about being a friendly church was being undermined by his own facility.

What vision is your facility casting?

2.   The direction being communicated by your programs

If you are casting vision about being a church that impacts your community, but most of the programs and ministries listed on your website are about classes to study the Minor Prophets in the original languages, you may have a vision alignment problem.

Hear me; there is, of course, nothing wrong with offering bible studies. They are critical.

The question you need to simply ask is “To what extent are we presenting ministry offerings which are in step with our church vision?”

3.   The interactions of your people

You can cast vision all you want about your church being “a safe place to investigate the truths of Christianity”. But if visitors get a cold reception from your own people, you have a problem.

Ask yourself, “Are the conversations in our lobby consistent with the vision from the pulpit?”

If you’re going to see your vision gain traction, you need bold words from the pulpit; but you also need keen listening ears and sharp eyes everywhere else.

The alignment of your church depends on it.

How do you keep alignment with all the ways your church casts vision?



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