Re-setting the Expectation Bar for the Canadian Church

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This week I found myself getting caught up in the celebrations of Canada Day, and in particular, engaging in the annual discussion on the topic of “What does it mean to be Canadian?”

I listened to an open line radio talk show on the subject, and one caller was calling all Canadians to a higher sense of self-worth because after all, (and I’m not making this up), a Canadian invented the paint roller.

And I was reminded again that in many areas of life, expectations in Canada are set pretty low sometimes.

The question I want you to consider today is “Have these low expectations in any way affected the way we do church ministry?”

Somewhere along the line did we resign ourselves to the fact that God would do ground-breaking work through the local church only in the United States (Willow Creek, Saddleback, NorthPoint, take your pick), or maybe Hillsong in Australia or Holy Trinity Brompton in England?

Well, if that idea causes the leadership muscles in you to tense up a bit, there’s a talk you need to hear.

At our recent Bill Hybels coaching day in Toronto, Jeff Lockyer of SouthRidge Church in St.Catharines, Ontario (that’s in Canada) challenged and encouraged Canadian leaders that the time has come for us to break free of this kind of thinking.

Click the link below to listen to Jeff’s talk, and let me know what you think.

I believe a new day is dawning for the church in Canada. And Jeff’s challenging talk may be a catalyst for something profound God wants to do in the Great White North.

How do you respond to Jeff’s challenge?

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