The Critical Importance of a Leader’s Booster Shot

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I can’t deny it. There was a smirk on my face as the vaccination doctor explained to my wife Nora the series of shots she was about to receive.

I really tried to appear sympathetic. Really.Time for a booster shot

It’s just that having been vaccinated myself a year earlier it meant I could simply sit back and read a magazine while Nora received vaccination shots against all manner of exotic diseases. I just found that to be somewhat, well, funny.

In a few weeks Nora and I are privileged to be traveling with World Vision to experience some of the work they are doing in South Africa. Now, having made this trip myself a year earlier and having been vaccinated at that time, I somewhat smugly pointed out that I didn’t need to get shots again this year.

The doctor looked at my file and clarified an important point. “The reason you don’t need to be vaccinated is not just because of the shots you received a year ago,” he explained. “It’s because of what happened afterwards.”

Closing the folder on his desk the doctor looked up and continued. “You see, you came in for a follow up booster shot six months later. With that follow up shot you’re good for 20 years.”

Here was yet one more example of something I’ve been thinking, and writing, a lot about recently; the importance of the follow up. I’ve been especially emphatic about the importance of follow up as it relates to The Global Leadership Summit.

Every year I see thousands of Canadian church leaders attend the Summit, and I’ve realized that those who get the most out of it always have some sort of follow up ‘booster shot’.

I recently talked to one of our Summit host pastors, Jeff Lockyer, about the importance of the follow up booster shot. Check out what he had to say in this short video clip.

Jeff Lockyer

My vision is to see every leader who attends the Summit receive some sort of follow up booster shot in their leadership. So roll up your sleeve and let’s get at it!

What does your Summit booster shot look like?

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