Wouldn’t you know it. It got me again.

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I just re-watched a clip from the 2010 Global Leadership Summit, and once again something started to stir inside me. It happens every time.

Bill Hybels opened the clip with these words: “I really do believe…you’ve heard me say it a thousand times….that the local church is the hope of the world. But for it to reach its redemptive potential, it must be well led.”

Bill-Hybels-laughing-mainHearing these words I once again found something welling up inside me that just can’t be suppressed. It’s the passion to see the Church in Canada become all that she can be; all that she MUST be in order to see a spiritual resurgence take place from coast to coast.

And Bill is right. For this to happen, the local church must be well led.

If you need to have this passion re-awakened within you, I dare you to watch this four-minute clip for yourself, and see if that fire doesn’t start to smolder within you too.

The timeliness of this is that we are days away from the deadline for the best prices for the 2011 Global Leadership Summit. The way many leaders do the math is simply this; the lower the price you are able to get for the Summit, the more leaders you can bring, the greater the impact you will see in your church.

So go ahead. Watch the clip. I’ll bet something starts to stir inside you too.

For me, it happens every time.

How have you leveraged the Summit to fire up leaders in your church?

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