Random Thoughts from a Week in Atlantic Canada

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Wrapping up a week connecting with church leaders, I’ve jotted down a few reflections…

  • Looking for a sterling example of a leadership transition? Check out the baton pass from Ted Yuke to Russ Conway at Rock Church in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
  • When you think of innovative churches, you might not think of one that looks like this. But this is Brunswick Street Baptist Church in the heart of Fredericton, New Brunswick, and they are doing some cutting edge missional ministry for the homeless.
  • Brunswick Street Baptist ChurchAtlantic Baptist University in Moncton recently changed their name to Crandall University. But that was just the start of the innovations for this landmark school. Now they’re talking about taking advantage of the fact that the Global Leadership Summit in Canada will now be in late September. The dream? To leverage the Summit as part of the school curriculum.
  • One of the most effective ministry partnerships I’ve ever seen is between two leaders from different churches, different denominations and different generations. But what Laurel Buckingham of Moncton Wesleyan church and Jerry Reddy of Hillside Baptist Church have done is nothing short of remarkable. Between these two leaders and their churches they have simply resolved to work together until the Moncton region has been reached for Christ. Inspiring.
  • Richard Jackson, senior pastor at First Baptist Moncton, is the kind of guy you want to connect with if you’re looking for straight-forward yet effective bridge-building ideas. Deep Water ChurchWhat these people recently pulled off with a simple neighbourhood barbecue is impressive.
  • If you’re ever in downtown Halifax and are looking for a church willing to do almost anything to reach their community for Christ, check out this place; Deep Water Church, and meet their pastor AJ Thomas. He’s quite a guy.
  • Apohaqui is a small, picturesque rural area about an hour’s drive from Moncton, Atlantic Community Churchbest known as the birthplace of Frank McKenna. But it’s also home to a dynamic growing group of believers, Atlantic Community Church, led by a great leader, Kevin Vincent.

Driving through this part of Canada on a beautiful autumn day, you realize you’re truly in one of the most breathtakingly beautiful parts of our country.

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Scott Cochrane


  1. Scott, it was a joy to meet you and here of all that is happening in Canada. Your visit with us in Fredericton was just the boost I needed that day…..blessings on your on going work……….Terry Atkinson

  2. Thanks Terry. I came away so encouraged by what God is doing in and through the Church in Atlantic Canada, and I know there are good things in store.

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