Why Leaders Focus on “Starting Points”

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I’ll never forget the dazed and confused looks on the faces of the members of our team as we stood there looking at the mall map.

We were in Toronto putting on a conference, and during an evening break several of us had piled into a van to dash over to a nearby shopping mall to pick up some technical equipment. We knew this equipment was carried by only one store in the mall and, as we stood inside the mall looking at the large map, we could easily spot the store we needed to find.

There was just one problem. Someone had peeled off the “You Are Here” sticker. There was no way we could plot our course to the store, since we didn’t know our starting point.

I’ve learned that there’s a principle here that applies to the spiritual formation of Christ-followers. Those who desire to grow in their journey with Christ must know their starting point; and the job of church leaders is to help their people identify their spiritual “You Are Here” sticker.

This is where REVEAL can help. REVEAL was developed over the past several years, starting out as an effort of Willow Creek Community Church to figure out the “You Are Here” sticker for people in their church. Today REVEAL has been developed into a tool that can assist any Christ-follower determine:

  • Their present place in their spiritual journey,
  • What their ultimate destination can look like,
  • The optimal tools and resources which will be of greatest help along the way.

To find out more, visit www.RevealNow.com.

And let’s work together toward the day where Christ-followers across Canada can identify their own spiritual “You Are Here” sticker as a vital part of their journey toward Christ-centredness.

How would you assess the importance of a “You Are Here” sticker for your church?

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