The Power of “Loaves and Fishes” Leadership

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At the 2015 Global Leadership Summit, Albert Tate accomplished something truly remarkable for a Summit speaker.

He managed to make us laugh hard, to think deeply and to resolve to act, all at the same time.

In his memorable Summit talk, Tate drew our attention to the biblical story of how Jesus took the loaves and fishes provided by a young boy, and proceeded to feed thousands of people.

With a focus on the boy’s astonishment at what Jesus had done, Tate challenged us by asking, “What if Jesus is going to do a miracle using what you bring?”

The central point is that Jesus can radically multiply the effectiveness of any leader, when we bring Him our skills, talents, opportunities and resources, and let Him take them, break them and multiply them.

As Take brought this challenge I found myself writing on my notepad, “What prevents leaders from being like the boy in this story? What prevents leaders from bringing all of their leadership resources to Jesus?”

As I thought about this, here are three obstacles I identified…

1.      Lack of resourcefulness

One of the key points Tate raised was that the boy was the only person in attendance who seemed resourceful enough to bring a lunch to the gathering that day.

Tate asked this leadership question, “What does it mean for you to pack your lunch?”

It begins by doing a “leadership audit” of your resources.

2.      Lack of courage

It was a tremendously courageous act for the boy to hand over his lunch. That was his sustenance for the day.

Similarly, it requires a level of courage for leaders to be able to authentically lay down all of their leadership resources before God and to say, “Take it; it’s Yours”.

3.      Lack of security

The credit for the miracle that day didn’t go to the boy, it went to Jesus.

Some leaders have a very difficult time releasing credit to anyone beyond themselves. And until that changes they’ll never see the kind of outpouring that was witnessed by the crowds that day.

If you find yourself struggling to fully surrender your leadership to God, consider if these challenges might be getting in your way, and resolve to overcome them.

If you do, 2016 could be the year where God can multiply your leadership as never before.


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