10 Indicators Your Leadership Stock Is On the Rise

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The influence of your leadership, like the value of a publicly traded stock, is either going up, or it’s going down.

There are no flat lines when it comes to your leadership stock.

When your stock is rising you are able to cast stronger visions, create more effective strategies, create healthier cultures and build more cohesive teams.

But when your stock is falling, every aspect of leadership becomes much harder. In seasons when your stock is falling, it’s more difficult to build great teams, the culture of a team deteriorates, visions become murky, and progress becomes sluggish.

All of which begs the question, do you know if your stock is on the rise? Are you are sensing that the wind is at your leadership back these days; that your vision-casting is connecting, your strategies are being embraced and your execution is producing great results?

You might think that such a rising-stock season is produced purely by generating strong results. And while results are certainly important, rising-stock leaders tend to have other key qualities.

Here are 10 qualities you must possess if your stock is on the rise…

  1. You model personal development; people can see you making the effort to grow your leadership.
  2. You take the high-road in every situation.
  3. You take an intense, genuine interest in the personal lives of your teammates.
  4. You take care of yourself physically, relationally and emotionally; you are giving yourself personal margin.
  5. You model accountability; people can see that you are not ‘above the rules’.
  6. You seek input from everyone, regardless of position or title.
  7. You are a “thanking machine”; gratitude oozes from you.
  8. You exude optimism, tempered with realism.
  9. You are winsome and approachable.
  10. You are becoming more passionate about what you lead; and your passion is infectious.

A leader’s stock is affected by numerous subtle practices and habits. Leaders must carry enough self-awareness to recognize these habits and know how they are affecting their stock.

So take the time to do a self-analysis of the direction of your own leadership stock. And embrace the qualities that will contribute to a rising stock.

Because when your stock is rising, your leadership can be unstoppable.

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