The Phantom Org Chart Pt 2: 6 Positions You Need to AVOID

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Like many organizations, ours needed to reduce staffing levels; to the tune of a 60% reduction in a year. Yet, in this new reality, the organization turned the corner and is once again dynamic and growing.

How did this happen? I recently posted The Phantom Org Chart: 4 Positions You Need on Your Team, but equally important are positions you need to make sure DON’T appear on your “phantom org chart”. Here’s my current list:

1. Chairman of the That’ll Never Work Committee
­ Also known as the We’ve Tried That Before Task Force. A real momentum killer.

2. That’s Not in my Job Description Supervisor
­ Want an agile organization? Don’t hire these.

3. Lead Self-Promotions Strategist
­ There’s no room for grand-standing on a lean team.

4. The Clock Says It’s Time to Go Home Coordinator
­ Often works closely with the That’s Not in my Job Description Supervisor

5. Regional I’m In a Bad Mood Distributor
­ Negative “vibes” spread like wildfire on a lean team.

6. Local I Have Issues Manager
­ Steer clear of the person who talks about nothing but the drama and crises in their life.

These positions must be avoided on any team, but it’s especially important when you’re working with a reduced team because these people will suck time and energy out of you and your team.

Sometimes the lure of apparent competency can blind us from realities of character. Keep these phantom positions in mind as you build your team.

What other “phantom roles to be avoided” would you add to the list?

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