Two Unmistakable Marks Left by Effective Leadership

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Leadership always leaves a mark.

Every time.

You can spot the distinctive marks left behind when effective leadership has been present. And learning to recognize and develop these marks is an important way for any leader to grow and develop.

On a recent trip with Bill Hybels through Latin America, two of those distinctive leadership marks became very apparent as we spent time in Havana, Cuba. On our first day in Havana we were invited to meet with the Secretary of Religious Affairs; a high-ranking official in the Cuba national government.

As we sat and talked with this key leader, we were soon reminded of these marks of effective leadership:

1. Effective leadership always leaves a mark of action

As the government official talked about the GLS in Cuba, it became clear that she recognized that the Summit had successfully grown from its original single site in Havana, launched in 2014, and was now serving leaders in five cities across the country.

Even more noteworthy was the fact that this growth had been driven by Cuban church leaders themselves. It was noted that these leaders had attended the original site and had taken the GLS vision back to their own communities.

Effective leaders move beyond inspiration. They will always move to action.

Such is a mark of leadership.

2. Effective leadership always leaves a mark of impact

The government official was very aware that the GLS had resulted in positive change for Cuban people. She noted that church leaders who attended the GLS in Cuba tended to be moved to make a positive difference in their communities. She went on to cite specific examples of positive changes that had been initiated by church leaders who had attended the GLS.

Among other initiatives, there had been programs launched to feed low-income seniors in Havana.

As Bill has said, “Everyone wins when a leader gets better”.

It’s another mark of leadership.

What sort of mark are you leaving with your leadership? If you’re not seeing enough action taking place, or if there is insufficient impact, it could be time for a leadership tune-up.

Because you can be sure of one thing; if effective leadership is taking place, it will always leave a mark.

Every time.


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