Preparing Your Team for The Leadership Summit: Watch the Jack Welch Clip

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As leaders continue to get their teams ready for this year’s Global Leadership Summit we’re looking at things you can be doing now to maximize the Summit experience.

One idea is to take advantage of Summit materials being released online. For example, on this  Summit web page you’ll find an excerpt from Bill Hybels interview with Jack Welch, the former CEO of General Electric.

This clip, part of the session to be shown at the Summit in August, Bill and Jack discuss the pace of leadership. Watch this clip with your team and discuss:

  • Where have we moved too slowly in our leadership?
  • Have we every moved too quickly? What have been the consequences?
  • What issues are presently before us that require quick action?

Remember; if you want to maximize the Summit for your team it’s important to take advantage of the time leading up to the event. Plan out ways you can prepare your team for an optimal experience.
And be sure to share your ideas with me so I can post them to others.

How are you preparing your team for this year’s Summit?

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