How Do You Get the Most Out of The Leadership Summit?

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I’ve taken teams to The Leadership Summit for years, and one thing I’ve learned is that what you and your team get out of the Summit is proportional to what you put in to the Summit.

Some years, I’ve found myself doing little more than determining how many would be on our Summit team, making sure we were registered, and having someone coordinate transportation. In those years the Summit experience, while worthwhile, didn’t seem to gain optimal traction with our team.

But in the others years where we intentionally invested time, energy and creativity on the front end, the impact of the Summit experience was entirely different.

One year we loaded our team on a bus and headed to a Summit site in Vancouver, BC. In addition to the Summit itself we had planned a series of team-building activities, including renting tandem bikes to cycle Vancouver’s famous Stanley Park seawall, and even wrapped up the week with a catered gourmet dinner on a beach.

That was 10 years ago, and those who were there still talk about those experiences to this day.

Today, as I talk to church leaders from coast to coast, I continue to be inspired to hear the creative ways teams are maximizing the Summit experience.

I’d love to hear what you are doing/planning to do, and then I’d like to share your ideas with leaders across Canada.

Tell me what you’re planning in terms of:

  • Team building
  • Advanced reading assignments
  • Ways you’re tying the Summit into your church’s strategy
  • Prayer initiatives

I’ll feature your ideas in a future post.

Just remember; what you get out of the Summit is proportional to what you put in to the Summit!

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