A Prevailing Voice Emerges for Canada’s Prevailing Churches

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Bill Hybels has noted that God is always in the business of building, and re-building teams.

This perspective is helpful when it comes to a staff person who leaves the employment of a local church to take up a position at another church.

But every now and then the powerful reality that God sometimes orchestrates the moving around of ‘Kingdom players’ is particularly noteworthy.

Tim SchroederIn that spirit I simply can’t contain my excitement in letting you know that, as of August 1st, Tim Schroeder is joining The Leadership Centre Willow Creek Canada team as a national spokesperson.

For years Tim has embraced and embodied the values of this ministry. As a board member of our ministry he has provided national leadership, helping churches across Canada to ‘prevail’.

Now as our national spokesperson, Tim will be able to take his contribution to this movement in Canada to a whole new level.

What does this mean to you, your church and to Canada?

  • You will now hear a compelling Canadian perspective as to how God is at work in our country.

  • As a Canadian pastor for more than 30 years, Tim’s voice will resonate with your cultural reality.

  • Tim’s voice will be that of a practitioner, not a theorist. He will continue to teach at Kelowna BC’s Trinity Baptist Church; the church he helped to build from a congregation of about 400 to a thriving faith community of 2500.

Watch for Tim’s voice to be heard this September 29-30 at the Global Leadership Summit!

What do you believe is the most important message Canadian church leaders need to hear today?

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