Why Leaders Need to Seize EVERY Moment

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There are no throw-away moments in leadership.

As you think through your upcoming day, your leadership horsepower is likely focused on a key meeting you’ll be leading, an inspiring vision talk you’re preparing, or perhaps a crucial decision you’re anticipating. All important.

But there are no throw-away moments in leadership.

I saw this truth lived out when I was a teenager in a moment that has stayed with me for 30 years.

BC LionsI was 16 years old and was trying to come up with a birthday present for my little brother Dean who was turning 12. I wanted to get him something he’d really love; I just didn’t have any money!

I knew Dean was a big fan of the BC Lions football team, so on a whim I decided to head down to their team office at old Empire Stadium in Vancouver and see if I could find anything for free I could snag for him. I was hoping for a lapel pin or a team schedule.

I pleaded my case to the secretary at the front desk. But as she rifled through her desk drawer looking for any knick-knack with a team logo, I noticed one of the team’s assistant coaches off to one side listening in. He chimed in and said, “I think I may have something in the back.”

He disappeared for a moment, and then returned holding a game-worn BC Lions jersey.

He tossed it over the counter to me and said, “Would this do?”

I was speechless.

I doubt that the coach who tossed me the jersey gave it another thought. It likely seemed like a “throw-away” moment in a day filled with important leadership moments like team meetings and inspiring speeches.

But two profound outcomes resulted from this. First of all, I was able to give my brother one of the most meaningful gifts I could have hoped for. And secondly, my personal loyalty to that team was so deeply forged it has lasted more than 30 years.

As you head into your day, pour all the leadership fuel you can on your “big leadership moments”. But remember, the moment of greatest impact could present itself when you least expect it.

Because there are no throw-away moments in leadership.

When have you been impacted by an unexpected leadership moment?

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Scott Cochrane


  1. Thanks Jeff! I was no doubt inspired by the Lions playoff game this weekend, but I really am growing in this understanding that EVERYTHING matters. Hope you and the team are doing well!

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