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Media Survey Results: Part 1

Wherever Christian leaders gather, it isn’t long before the topic of conversation turns to the question, “So, what are you reading these days?”

Leaders don’t ask this to make idle chitchat. Leaders are readers. In addition, leaders value their time as a precious commodity; they want to know that the next book they pick up (or load on their Kindle) is likely to have an impact. They can’t afford to start reading a new book, only to find out after half a dozen chapters, that it just isn’t delivering what they need.

With all this in mind, The Leadership Centre Willow Creek Canada recently conducted an online survey of Christian leaders in Canada, and the first question we asked was:

In 2011, what were the 3 most ministry-impacting BOOKS you read?

Here, in order, are the top 10 results (clicking a title will open the publisher’s website where you can get more information on the book);

  1. Sun Stand Still, Steven Furtick
  2. Radical, David Platt
  3. The Power of a Whisper, Bill Hybels
  4. Surprised by Hope, NT Wright
  5. Humilitas, John Dickson
  6. Prodigal God, Timothy Keller
  7. Sticky Church, Larry Osborne
  8. Disappointment with God, Philip Yancey
  9. Leading on Empty, Wayne Cordeiro
  10. Simple Church, Thom Rainer and Eric Geiger

Note that this is not a scientific survey; it serves only to give you a quick snapshot as to what books have been making an impact on Christian leaders in Canada in 2011.

In total there were 49 books that made the list. To see the complete list in alphabetical order click here. (Note that responses deemed statistically insignificant are not included.)

Interestingly, the next question we asked was to find out which authors were having the greatest impact. To our surprise, the list of authors did not always match the list of books!

Check back soon to see the list of top ministry authors.

What books would you add to this list?

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Scott Cochrane


  1. Jeff- interesting that a few of these titles have been around for a few years, but I must confess I haven’t read them all either! One that had a particular impact on me personally was Keller’s Prodigal God. Again, the title has been around a few years but there’s so much to take away from Keller’s insights.

  2. Hi Scott,
    I have read most of these books – all great! One I would recommend that I got at the Leadership Summit was ‘Neccessary Endings’ by Dr. Henry Cloud. Insightful and relevant for all aspects of life.

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