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Media Survey Results: Part 2

Have you ever noticed how a new author can appear on the Christian leadership scene and cause such a wave that soon every title he or she produces is simply “must reading”?

On the other hand some writers have transcended beyond being “the latest thing”; their writings seem to speak powerfully to every generation.

When The Leadership Centre Willow Creek Canada recently conducted an online survey of Christian leaders, we were eager to discover which writers were creating such buzz among leaders. Here’s what we found.

Which 3 AUTHORS, Christian or secular, are currently having the most impact or relevance to your ministry?

Here, in order, are the top 10 results (clicking on the author’s name will take you to their website where you can get more information on the author, their books and other resources available);

  1. Tim Keller
  2. Bill Hybels
  3. Andy Stanley
  4. NT Wright
  5. Francis Chan
  6. Dallas Willard
  7. Eugene Peterson
  8. Henri Nouwen
  9. Brian McLaren
  10. Patrick Lencioni

Note that this is not a scientific survey; it serves only to give you a quick snapshot as to what authors have been making an impact on Christian leaders in Canada in 2011.

In total there were 55 authors who made the list. To see the complete list click here. (Note that responses deemed statistically insignificant are not included.)

To see the previous survey results, Top 10 Books, click here.

Our survey included other forms of media and resources. I was fascinated to see that, after books, the media which was gaining the most traction with Christian leaders was podcasts.

Which podcasts are most popular? Check back soon to see.

What authors would you add to this list?

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