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Media Survey Results: Part 3

In conducting our recent survey to see what ministry leaders were having an impact on your ministry, one finding in particular stood out.

After books, the next leading source of equipping media seems to be podcasts. Podcasts appear to be having more impact than any other form of digital or social media, including blogs, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Other findings of note:

  • Two Canadian ministries were in the Top 10; Mark Buchanan of New Life Church on Vancouver Island, and The Meeting House in southern Ontario. I love to see Canadian leaders connecting with other Canadian leaders.
  • One “secular” media source made the list; As Bill Hybels says every year at the Global Leadership Summit, “Leaders can learn from a variety of disciplines.”
  • Andy Stanley’s podcast is far and away the most popular podcast, according to our survey. You could almost say that Andy Stanley was first; everyone was else was second.

 We asked:

Which 3 PODCASTS, Christian or secular, are currently having the most impact or relevance to your ministry?

Here, in order, are the top 10 results (clicking on the name of each podcast will take you to its home on iTunes where you can subscribe to it);

  1. Andy Stanley
  2. Timothy Keller
  3. Mark Driscoll
  4. Bill Hybels
  5. Craig Groeschel
  6. Focus on the Family
  7. Ravi Zacharias
  8. Mark Buchanan
  9. TEDTalks
  10. The Meeting House

Note that this is not a scientific survey; it serves only to give you a quick snapshot as to what podcasts have been making an impact on Christian leaders in Canada in 2011.

While we received literally dozens of varying answers to this question, only 8 other podcasts received enough mentions to be deemed statistically significant. The entire list can be found by clicking here.

Here are the previous survey question results:

So, what about social media? To what extent does Twitter, Facebook and blogs impact ministry, and who is creating that impact?

Check back soon to see.

What podcasts would you add to this list?

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