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God is up to something in Canada, and you are a part of it!

Last September at The Global Leadership Summit 2011, God stirred up the hearts of hundreds of Canadians from coast to coast. Thousands of people were motivated by the growing realization that God was about to spark a spiritual renewal across the country, and hundreds responded to this stirring by submitting a declaration about the call God had placed in their heart.

Yours was one of those declarations.

Now, we want to follow up and see what has transpired since then. Is God still stirring in the same way? Has the sense of call shifted in any way, or intensified? Have you taken any steps towards seeing this call result in action?

Please share your story with us below! We’d love to know how God’s vision for Canada is taking root in your life.


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Scott Cochrane


  1. Since the summitt I have experienced a great increase in God being number one and leading the way through some difficult and amazing times. From becoming a stronger intercessor and part of a local intercessory team serving both local and international, to taking on a deeper role as a church leader and being identified as one of the go-to people in our team. God has been faithful to meet me and guides me with His wisdom and compassion, and I have been empowered by God in new conversations, and relationships.
    It’s exciting to see what God is doing in our church and through the leadership team, how He is speaking to our team. Holy Spirit continues to develop our character as individuals and as the body.

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