How Leaders Create Forward Energy for Their Team

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Every leader knows that creating forward energy takes enormous, consistent effort. That’s because all of the natural forces of organizational life work against that kind of momentum.

That’s why effective leaders are relentless in their pursuit of opportunities to galvanize and catalyze forward energy for their teams.

One of those opportunities is on the horizon, and if you’re a church leader in Canada I’m urging you to take advantage.

On Thursday, March 22nd at 9:00 am local time (whatever time zone you’re in) The Leadership Centre Willow Creek Canada will launch the 2012 Global Leadership Summit season with the annual Web Launch.

This is a 20 minute kick off to the Summit season, and it’s a tremendous opportunity to get your team fired up and pointed in the same direction.

Even though the Summit is months away (October 18-19) effective leaders start preparing their teams early to leverage such a global event. This year The Global Leadership Summit is expected to impact more than 150,000 leaders in more than 70 countries, 450 sites, and more than 30 languages. Effective leaders know that you don’t just wander into an event of such an immense scale hoping something good will come of it.

To get the most out the Summit, effective leaders plan early.

In this web launch your team will learn about the faculty line up for this year’s event and will be coached on how best to leverage the Summit for their own leadership development. In addition you will also learn from Summit favorite Patrick Lencioni, as he provides an exclusive 20 minute leadership coaching session at the conclusion of the web launch.

To participate with your team simply follow the link provided below.

To fully leverage this web launch:

  1. Alert your team now to gather with you to view this together;
  2. Encourage your team to wear their ‘leaders hats’ as they view the web launch;
  3. Follow up with a team discussion on how your team might get the maximum mileage out of the Summit.




Join The Leadership Centre Willow Creek Canada as we announce The Global Leadership Summit 2012 faculty line-up March 22, 2012 in HD. Available at 9am onward, this 20 minute presentation will feature TLCWCC Executive Director, Scott Cochrane and GLS 2011 Speaker, Tim Schroeder as they launch the GLS 2012 season.

JUST ADDED! We are pleased to announce that we are including an additional 20 minute session from Patrick Lencioni to equip you further from his teachings on vulnerability from last year’s Summit.

Mark your calendars now for 9am, March 22, 2012!



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