5 Easy Steps to Becoming an Inauthentic Communicator

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Authenticity is one of the most important lenses through which your congregation filters what happens when you communicate.

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But actually being authentic in your communication isn’t always easy. It requires the effort and discipline to be yourself.

On the other hand, being inauthentic when you communicate is actually quite easy. It simply requires these 5 easy steps.

1.   Make sure there’s no connection between your real-life and your communicating
If there is a disconnect between your personal life and your communication you can be sure you’ll be perceived as inauthentic. For example, talking about good stewardship when you’re wracked with debt is a good starting point.

2.   Communicate completely differently than the way you talk
I knew one pastor who talked very normally in every day conversation, but the minute he stood behind the pulpit suddenly he pronounced the word “scriptures” using five syllables.

Creating a wide chasm between how you communicate in the church lobby and how you communicate in the pulpit guarantees inauthenticity.

3.   Never disclose any areas of struggle in your life
A sure way to be seen as inauthentic is to communicate as if you have all the answers and have everything in life nicely sorted out.

Since your congregation is dealing with real-life issues every day you’ll be sure to be seen as weirdly different from everyone else.

4.   Include content designed to make you look smart
These are the cool nuggets of trivia you uncovered in your research that really don’t add a lot of value to the talk, but which might make you sound clever.

Inauthentic communicators cram their talks with this stuff.

5.   Lace your talks with important-sounding names and places
Instead of saying, “I was talking with someone” you say, “I was talking with someone while on a flight from Rome to Bangkok.”

Instead of saying, “I was at an event recently…” you say, “I was the guest of honour at an event recently…”

This kind of communicating doesn’t have a lot of power, but it can make the preacher look good.

On the other hand if your goal is changed lives through the power of God’s Word, ignore these five steps.

And just be real.

How do you make sure you are as authentic as possible when you communicate?

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