The Top 15 Leadership Quotes from Day 2 of the Global Leadership Summit

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“If you are not also in the arena getting your butt kicked, I’m not interested in your feedback.”-  Brene Brown

That leadership gem from Brene Brown was one of the many highlights from the second day of the Global Leadership Summit.

This year’s Summit was chalk full of leadership insights that were both inspirational and practical.

Here are my personal favorites from the second day.

1. “Leadership is intentional influence”- Joseph Grenny

2. “To influence behavior don’t just teach principles. Connect it to values”-  Joseph Grenny

3. “Strategy is innovation.”-  Vijay Govindarajan

4. “Conflicts in an organization can be healthy. But you must know how to manage them.”-  Vijay Govindarajan

5. “The rule in future planning is ‘low cost- high learning’.”- Vijay Govindarajan

6. “We must think of innovation as doing a lot more for a lot less (money) for a lot more (people).”- Vijay Govindarajan

7. “Love and belonging are irreducible needs for men, women & children.”-  Brene Brown

8. “Leaders are to model the courage to ask the questions”-  Brene Brown

9. “Leaders cannot give help if they’re unable to ask for help.”-  Brene Brown

10. “Shame can only rise to certain levels in organizations before staff disengage to self-protect”-  Brene Brown

11. “Without failure there can be no innovation.”-  Brene Brown

12. “The sign of great leadership is in how many leaders you have raised up to carry on after you.”-  Oscar Muriu

13. “Some of your best leaders are right under your nose. But they may be so close you can’t see them”-  Oscar Muriu

14. “Never do ministry alone. Always have budding leaders around you.”-  Oscar Muriu

15. “A leader must first and foremost be ridiculously in charge of themselves.”-  Henry Cloud

If you missed it, here were my top 12 leadership quotes from the first day of the Summit.

This year’s Summit was a goldmine of leadership insights. I hope that, like me, you were able to find lots that you could inject into your leadership right away.

And if you live in a country where the Summit is coming soon, hang on. Your leadership could be about to take a huge step forward.



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