4 Leadership Challenges Today’s Grads Need to Hear

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Originally posted May 16, 2013

In a world starving for Godly leadership, what would you say to the upcoming crop of college graduates?

At universities across the country and beyond, young men and women are about to take a bold step into a world that is looking for leadership. As such, there are 4 leadership challenges I am hoping many of these rising stars will embrace as they move forward.

Perhaps you have influence with a young person about to graduate. I would urge you to speak leadership truth into their life.

If you want some ideas as to what you might want to share, let me give you a glimpse of the 4 leadership challenges I will be extending in my circles:

 1.   If you’ve been given the spiritual gift of leadership, then for God’s sake LEAD

This well-known leadership axiom has never needed more urgent application than today. What the world needs more than anything is fired up young people ready to take their leadership gifts out into the world to make a difference for the sake of God’s Kingdom.

 2.   Learn the difference between a job, a career, and a call

Most grads will look for a great job. Some will aspire to a fulfilling career. But be among the select few who discern God’s call on their life, and pursue it with everything you have. Remember, God’s call is not limited to missionaries and pastors.

3.   Buck the trend- Engage in your local church more rigorously than ever

You are a part of a missing generation in most local churches. There is an unfortunate exodus from the local church for far too many sharp young adults. Resolve now to be a champion of your church, and if you move to a new city, make connecting to a local church your first priority.

4.   Devote yourself to fulfilling Jesus’ prayer; “Your Kingdom come…”

Where ever you go, view the world with a “Kingdom lens”. Whatever you see that is inconsistent with God’s desire for the world, take the lead and make it right.

When I look at many of today’s graduates in my circles, it fills me with optimism. Our world can be left in very strong hands with some of these Kingdom-minded leaders who are about to take their next step.

So, let me urge you to cheer these young people on, and challenge them to be all God has called them to be.

If they accept these challenges, the future can look very bright indeed.

What would you say to these graduates?


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