How to Harness Curiosity for Maximum Leadership Results

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How high is your leadership curiosity quotient (LCQ)?

If you’re low on the curiosity scale, chances are you accept things pretty much the way things are.

But if you’re an effective leader, or strive to be, your curiosity is a force that drives things forward.

The question is, how do you harness your curiosity for maximum leadership results?

One great way to harness your curiosity is to think in terms of 3 specific questions.

1.       WHY?

“Why?” is a question that looks to the past.

It looks at the current status and asks “Why do we do things this way?”, “Why are our results slipping?” or “Why is has our culture developed like this?”

The answers to these questions are found in the past. These “Why” questions force you to analyze the origins of things with a view to understanding the current state of things.

2.       WHAT?

“What?” is a question that looks to the present.

It looks around and asks, “What is happening in the other parts of the organization?” “What is our competition doing differently these days?”, and “What are our current highest priorities?”

The answers to these questions are found in the present. These “What” questions cause you to probe the present state of your team, organization, market, etc. in order to inform future plans.

3.       HOW?

“How?” is a question that looks to the future.

It looks forward and asks, “How will we need to operate in the future?”, “How will the market change in the coming years?” and “How do we need to adapt our strategies to achieve future goals?”

The answers to these questions are found in the future. These “How” questions make you focus your attention on the coming weeks, months and years and drive necessary changes.

Put another way, curious leaders want to understand the past, be fully aware of the present, and look knowingly to the future.

If you’re looking for maximum results try using the WHO, WHAT, HOW approach to your leadership.

It could turn your curiosity into a powerful driver for change.

How would you rate your own Leadership Curiosity Quotient?



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