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Last week I had the tremendous privilege of traveling throughout southern and southwest Ontario, meeting with ministry and church leaders. While the topics of discussion varied, one theme came up over and over: God is powerfully at work in our land, in our day!

Here’s a snapshot of their stories:
Lorie Hartshorn from EQUIP reported that she is seeing a growing desire for leadership development among church leaders in Montreal.
Brian McCauley from Muskoka Woods shared how the new Muskoka Woods Leadership Centre will be opening this summer, preparing to introduce new leadership development strategies for young people. Exciting!
John and Rebecca Horwood couldn’t conceal their enthusiasm for a partnership we’re developing to challenge downtown Toronto’s business leaders to seize Kingdom possibilities.
Bryan Bylsma, a dynamic marketplace leader and former team mate of The Leadership Centre Willow Creek Canada , shared our vision for new leadership strategies aimed at the under 35-year-old leader.
Willard Metzger of World Vision Canada described how local churches are embracing global outreach like never before.
Mark Holmen of Faith at Home revealed the “hotbed” for its movement is in Canada, seeing parents embrace their role as their children’s primary spiritual influence. Great news!
Paul Yoon of BooksforChrist.com could see clearly that a mentoring network for young leaders was needed to prepare the next generation for future leadership roles.
Joel Bennett, a church consultant with Breakthrough, shared how his Back to Summit seminars have helped local churches extend the impact of The Global Leadership Summit. I love that!
Chris Vacher of Orangeville Baptist Church updated me on how God has been mightily at work through Worship Rises, bringing worship leaders together for powerful times of collaboration. Incredible!
Chris Wignall of Catalyst Foundation came to life describing his passion for young leaders being developed to their full potential. Inspiring vision!
Jim Brown, president of STRIVE, shared wisdom from years of experience and expertise in board governance, reminding me that God’s work flourishes where His church is being well-led.
Barry Slauenwhite of Compassion Canada painted a compelling picture of the remarkable growth being seen in Canadian churches reaching out around the world.

I’ll be processing these learnings for some time, but one thing was made clear to me from these encounters; God is indeed at work, and the time is now to join with Him in what He is doing.

Where are you seeing God at work, and how are you partnering with Him in that work?

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Scott Cochrane


  1. This is such an encouraging post. Sometimes, I catch myself saying bleak things like “the Canadian church is on the verge of collapse”. But to hear such great stories of how God is moving reminds me of Psalm 121:4 “He who watches over Israel (Canada) will neither slumber nor sleep.”

  2. Mark Twain once saw that a newspaper had mistakenly reported that he had died. His famous reponse: “Reports of my demise are greatly exagerated!” As you say Paul, I think there are many who are saying ‘The church is dead’, and as with Twain, those reports are, I believe, greatly exagerated!

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