An Urgent Call to Mobilize Your Team

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Oh my.

I’m sitting on my flight home from Chicago en route to Kelowna, processing all that transpired this week at the U.S. version of The Global Leadership Summit.

My own heart was stirred in ways that will, I’m certain, forever mark my leadership. And I’ve renewed my resolve to see churches from across Canada bring teams to the Canadian Summit, September 29-30.

So if you’re still wondering how many you should bring along to The Global Leadership Summit in Canada, I have a simple but important challenge to issue;


To maximize this experience here are 3 keys to seizing maximum impact for your church.


For the next two weekends, August 20 and 27, carve out a few moments in each weekend service to cast vision for the importance of experiencing “defining moments” together as a church family. Ask them to prayerfully consider joining you at the Summit.


On either of the first two weekends of September, the 4th or the 11th, directly challenge your congregation to join you at the Summit. This need not replace your fall kick-off plans; this should be a part of your plans.

We have prepared a package for you to use, which includes a 3 minute trailer to be shown in your service.

To obtain your own Summit invitation package call our office at 800.804.0777.


Set a target not only for how many from your church should attend, but even for who those people should be. Then make the bold ask. Pick up the phone and lay out the challenge. Let them know you need them at the Summit with you to experience what God might have in store for your church.

Don’t allow finances to be a reason someone cannot attend. Find the resources, either within your budget or from a like-minded donor, to supplement the registration fee of those unable to cover the entire fee.

So set a bold target and go for it!

I can’t wait to hear how God uses this event to impact your church.

How will you mobilize your church for this year’s Summit?

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Scott Cochrane


  1. Several of our Creation Technologies’ leaders attended at various U.S. sites and I have received numerous comments back such as “It was very inspiring,” “I found each one of the speakers had something meaningful and worthy to add to my life,” and “I have been to many conferences, but this by far was the best I have attended.”

    Personally, I was able to attend only a portion in the U.S. (it was great) and thus am looking forward to attending all of it in Canada in September. We are bringing a large group of leaders from Sonrise Church and from Creation Technologies. Really looking forward to it!

  2. Hey Scott
    This call is brilliant! Mind if we use some of these ideas to motivate our steering committees here.
    We have 6 weeks to go before our 1st GLS and we need all the help we can get to reach more leaders.
    It would be cool to know what your plans are for the content of your GLS.
    What speakers are you keeping and which if any have you dropped?
    We will be praying for Canada as you embark on this new exciting journey with the GLS.
    May all your work bear a radical harvest that will blow your minds.

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