4 Signs You Might be on Leadership Steroids

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It seems to be a final chapter in a complex, controversial story.

Seven-time Tour de France champion, Lance Armstrong, has announced he will no longer attempt to defend himself against years of steroid use accusations.

In response, The United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) has announced their intention to strip Armstrong of those victories.

Did Armstrong cheat his way to all these victories?

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I have no idea. And my point here is neither to defend nor condemn him.

Rather, I want to shine a spotlight on the over-arching issues of those who attempt to take shortcuts on the way to achieving results, because it can be a tremendous temptation in leadership. I call these temptations “leadership steroids”.

What do these look like? Here are four of the most common signs you might be taking leadership steroids…

1.   You are building an organization without building consensus
If your goal is a solid, healthy organization, you can’t get there without methodically creating a groundswell of support and understanding.

This can be slow going, but it’s necessary for long-term organizational health.

2.   You are talking about change without talking to stakeholders
Whether or not your even recognize it, your organization has a vital sub-set of people who must support any significant change.

These are the stakeholders; people of influence who ultimately drive the vision forward.

And before you even think about implementing significant change you must get these people on board.

3.   You are challenging your people without challenging yourself
Want to take your people on a journey of personal sacrifice, growth or change?

You must set the pace.

It may seem obvious, but it’s incredible how many leaders try to challenge their people to, for example, move toward personal financial health without making any effort to clean up their own financial affairs.

4.   You are seeking a breakthrough without seeking God
You’ll never be entrusted with a God-sized vision without spending slow, unhurried time with God.

Moses and Jesus both spent 40 days alone with God before setting out on their respective missions.

Don’t expect to microwave this part of your leadership journey.

If you’re going to achieve long-term leadership results, resist the temptation to succumb to the lure of these leadership steroids.

It might take longer, but you’ll never be stripped of your results.

What leadership steroids have you faced?

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