Top Quotes from the 2015 Global Leadership Summit

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It’s Summit week here at Willow Creek, and in hundreds of Global Leadership Summit satellite sites across North America.
To help me prepare for this year’s event I have gone back to my notes from the 2015 Summit and have revisited some of my favorite leadership nuggets from that incredible event.
My hope is that some of these can help to fire you up as well, as we you prepare for the 2016 Global Leadership Summit…

– “The arch-enemy of grit is ease.” Bill Hybels

– “Self-sacrificing love is at the very core of leadership.” Bill Hybels

– “To rely on rank or title is an abdication of leadership.” Jim Collins

– “The other side of the coin from success is not failure, it’s growth.” Jim Collins

– “Creativity isn’t about drawing or writing. It’s about solving problems.” Ed Catmull

– “I have never met a powerful leader who was not okay with discomfort.”- Brene Brown

– “Curiosity is currency of the realm in leadership”- Brene Brown

– “Live for your eulogy not for your resume.” Albert Tate

-“You serve your people by leading them to excellence. That’s leadership.” – Horst Schulze

– “It is immoral to hire someone to fulfill a function. You hire someone to fulfill a dream.”- Horst Schulze

– “Leaders cannot do this journey without help from God.” Bill Hybels

– “If you want your team to remain relevant lead them into the unknown.”- Liz Wiseman

“You are not who others say you are. You are who God says you are.”- Craig Groeschel

Here’s hoping that this year’s Summit refills your leadership tank and that it provides you with the inspiration and tools to take your own leadership up to the next level.

See you at the Summit.

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