10 60-Second Leadership Actions That Can Have Timeless Impact

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Originally posted December 9, 2013

In leadership, there are no mulligans.

Every minute counts. The question is, are you making the most out of every minute?

Effective leaders know that the game isn’t always won by the big impressive grand slam play. Sometimes it’s all about making every minute count.

If you find yourself with a minute or two to spare between phone calls or meetings, do everything you can to maximize those moments.


Well, there are no doubt countless ways to get those most out of every leadership minute. But to get your thinking started here are 10 leadership actions that take less than a minute.

  • Write a thank you note to a supporter


  • Tell a team mate they’re doing a good job


  • Order two leadership books- one for yourself, one for a “rising star” on your team


  • Review your strategic plan


  • Subscribe to a leadership blog


  • Circulate a leadership article to your board or executive team


  • Connect with someone in the organization you don’t know well


  • Start researching a creative team-building off-site activity


  • Identify your 6 highest priorities over the next 6 weeks (Bill Hybels’ 6 by 6 grid)


  • Review your organization’s core values and reflect on any requiring special focus

In and of themselves, these ideas might not seem like leadership game-changers. But think of the difference it could make if you could accomplish just one of these in your next spare minute?

Now, imagine what would happen if you could string together two, three, or four of these leadership minutes.

The results could be huge.

Before you let another idle minute pass you by, consider trying one or two of these ideas. Or better yet, come up with your own list.

It might only be 60 seconds. But maximized in the hands of an effective leader, a 60 second investment of leadership horsepower can have a timeless return.

What would you add to the list?

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