How To Turn Everyday Leadership Chats Into Inspiring Moments of Vision

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The power of how you communicate as a leader is not limited to the great vision-casting speeches you make. Much of your impact takes place in your day to day conversations.

Effective leaders know that there are no throw-away moments when it comes to communication. Every passing word, every conversation no matter how brief or how seemingly inconsequential, carries the potential to create shockwaves of positive impact.

The key is often found in something as basic as your choice of words and phrases. The best leaders master the art of selecting the right word, or combination of words, to make even the most mundane of topics soar with a sense of vision and purpose.

Here are a few examples of how a few key word choices can turn an otherwise lifeless concept into an inspiring call to a higher purpose…

  • Instead of saying, “Let’s have a meeting,” say…

    • “Let’s have a rigorous discussion about future plans and dreams…”

  • Instead of saying, “It’s time for our annual reviews,” say…

    • “It’s time to discuss how to optimize your performance in the coming season…” 

  • Instead of saying “You need to make a budget,” say…

    • “Show me how to maximize the investments and returns on this project…”

  • Instead of saying, “We need to update the org chart,” say…

    • “Let’s figure out that ideal way to align our roles and accountabilities to unleash everyone’s potential…”

  • Instead of saying, “We need to update our vacation schedule,” say…

    • “Let’s create a team-wide replenishment plan.”

  • Instead of saying, “We may have to clock some overtime…” say…

    • “We could be just a couple of hours away from the breakthrough we need…”

  • Instead of saying, “I have some announcements,” say…

    • “I want to let you in on some news that can make a huge difference to all of us…”

This is not about “spinning” your words in order to manipulate your team. It’s not simply attaching better words to the same old work.

It’s about seizing each and every communication opportunity to instill energy, inspiration and vision.

If you’re serious about creating an inspiring team culture, by all means take advantage of the opportunities to stand in front of the crowd and to make a visionary speech. But remember, some of the greatest opportunities to impact your culture are right under your nose.

And the next opportunity could be one simple conversation away.


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Scott Cochrane

Lifelong learner, practitioner and coach of leadership, across more than 50 countries. Follower of Jesus, husband of Nora, grateful parent and grandparent.

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