How To Combine Passion and Discipline For Leadership Impact

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It’s no secret. Passion is a required trait for any leader. But on its own, passion isn’t enough.

Passion is certainly required to build a team, to implement change, and to drive towards a better future. But it will only get you out of the starting blocks.

Effective leaders know that passion is only one part of a leader’s one-two punch.

For long-lasting impact to occur, a heavy dose of discipline must come along right after passion.

Discipline is the ability to systematically and methodically push through obstacles. It’s what enables a leader to channel all of that passion into a sustainable plan that delivers results.

Together, passion and discipline create a formidable leadership combination.

Here are 10 realities leaders know about the one-two punch of passion and discipline:

Passion sees the vision. Discipline translates it into action.

Passion attracts a team. Discipline builds the team

Passion makes good decisions. Discipline implements the decisions.

Passion establishes values. Discipline lives the values out.

Passion envisions a healthy culture. Discipline makes it happen.

Passion describes the goal. Discipline forms the strategy to reach the goal.

Passion creates priorities. Discipline executes the priorities.

Passion generates ideas. Discipline turns them into reality.

Passion challenges people to grow. Discipline helps them do it.

Passion drives innovation. Discipline drives implementation.

The point, of course, is not that one is more important than the other.

Rather, passion and discipline are dependent on each other.

But the reality is, passion gets more press. Passion is flashier. But without the discipline to translate all that passion into action, you’re left with nothing more than hype.

So by all means, be sure your leadership contains plenty of passion.

Just be sure it’s followed up by a heavy dose of discipline.

That’s the one-two punch you’ll need for long-lasting, high-impact results.

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Scott Cochrane

Lifelong learner, practitioner and coach of leadership, across more than 50 countries. Follower of Jesus, husband of Nora, grateful parent and grandparent.

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