Top 15 Leadership Quotes from Day 2 of the Summit

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  • From Joseph Grenny
    • The power of a group is a function of the purity of its motives
    • Your job as a leader is to identify the 2 or 3 crucial conversations that most affect your culture
    • People never become defensive about what you’re saying. They become defensive because of why they think you’re saying it.
    • You can measure the health of a team by measuring the number of un-talkables
  • From Don Flow
    • My day begins with prayer for my company that it would be a signpost for the Kingdom of God
    • The company will not be more truthful or graceful than I am
    • Challenge without confidence creates fear. Confidence without challenge creates complacency
    • The world will not form distinctive Christians. It’s the job of the church to do that
  • From Allen Catherine Kagina
    • God doesn’t know the division between church and business. We’re the ones who build these walls
    • I am so convinced that if we invite the Kingdom of God into the public areas I believe that God will take over and will begin to see better societies.
  • From Wilfredo De Jesus
    • As a business you cannot let your budget dictate your faith
  • From Ivan Satyavrata
    • There is no such thing as leadership without power. The real question is “how should leaders manage the privilege of power?”
    • The true secret of any great leader’s power is that when you feel the weakest that’s when you are the strongest
  • From Louis Giglio
    • The doorposts of the Kingdom of God are humility and honor
    • You don’t have to know everything about how to get up the mountain in front of you. You just have to take the first step

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